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Instagram’s @gigi.bbg.1

Way to Go Gigi!


We’ve had a lot of fun watching this week’s ZENBASSADOR OF THE WEEK ( IG’s gigi.bbg.1 )  showing her Sweet Earth love on Instagram for months!

This week, she deserves some Zen Farmer love!

We’ll be loading Gigi up with her favorite Sweet Earth foods – ( a short list would include an array of our #vegan frozen entrees, like the General Tso’s Tofu, Moroccan Tagine, and Kyoto Stir Fry, as well as our Anasazi and Kyoto burritos! ) and some awesome brand gear.

Check out her IG board @ !

Thanks Gigi – it’s been fun getting to know you and we look forward to more awesome posts!  🙂

Much love,

The Sweet Earth Team

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