Reading the article entitled “Meat is Horrible” in the Washington Post was a reminder of the staggering statistics that should encourage us to shift away from meat eating. Even if we don’t always listen to them, we know the facts are there. As a food company that focuses heavily on healthy, plant-based eating, this is something we believe in strongly and we encourage everyone to stay mindful of.

Globally we are becoming more aware of the health impacts of too much meat in our diets (which is exciting and inspiring!), but we sometimes fail to focus our attention on the environmental impacts. There is overwhelming evidence that agriculture, specifically livestock, contributes on a massive scale to the growing greenhouse gas emissions. Agriculture is responsible for 1⁄3 of greenhouse gas emissions, and 1⁄2 of those emissions are linked to livestock.

Meat eating is also using enormous amounts of water. With growing concern of water availability, especially in the food industry, this should start to raise a red flag. Agriculture is already consuming 80% of water in the United States. Realizing agriculture is a necessity, and water is needed to sustain it, it is still important to be aware that raising livestock uses 48 times as many liters of water as it does to grow vegetables. This emphasizes the importance of using water in the most sustainable way possible and the need to make this concern a priority.imrs

Cutting back on the amount of meat we eat and being mindful about the food choices we are making has a direct effect on the condition of the planet. Whatever your stance on meat consumption, it is impossible to deny that as a country and as a part of the world in general, it is time for us to begin eating more consciously and responsibly. At Sweet Earth we believe in a broad spectrum of proteins including, beans, tofu and grains such as quinoa and wheat. Providing this for our customers is something that we are extremely dedicated to. We can’t wait to share delicious and sustainable ways to get your protein with you.

You can save the environment while eating delicious foods – Does it get any better?

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Eating Too Much Meat?