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Congratulations to Chris Petrellese (@ConsciousChris) for being selected as our very first Zenbassador of the Week!  We caught Chris lighting up his social media channels with awesome photos of our foods.

We asked Chris a few questions to learn more about our newest Zenbassador:

Zen Farmer – Why would you say you’re a mindful eater?
ConsciousChris – “I am a mindful eater because I value all living beings, the planet, and myself.”

Zen Farmer – Which is your favorite Sweet Earth food?
ConsciousChris – “That’s a Tough one! I am a big fan of the Big Sur Breakfast Burrito! I saw your new bowls were just released too, but have yet to try them! ”

Zen Farmer – What else do you want our fans to know about you?
ConsciousChris – “I’m 26, from NJ, living in LA. Meat free for 7 years, Vegan for 3.5. I enjoy traveling, photography, writing, and discovering / learning new things 🙂 “

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Redefining the frozen food aisle with 12 globally-inspired Artisan Entree Bowls




Each savory bowl boasts fresh veggies and pure delicious ingredients, and with so many options from around the world, you can travel where you want, when you want.

It’s cuisine the Zen Farmer is proud of: ancient grains and heritage beans, mouth-watering herbs and fragrant spices, and a whole lot of plant protein.

We’ve turned quick and easy into time-tested and nutritious, serving up complete meals that deliver the simmering flavors of the world into your hands.

LEARN MORE about each bowl, from it’s heritage to its nutritional facts and ingredients >> Artisan-Bowls

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Bad-Ass Warriors of Love Needed!


The universe is constantly inviting us to live out loud, with mindful intention – to be our most authentic selves – full of love for ourselves, our friends, families, pets, with integrity and a playful curiosity.  What d’ya say?  Will you join us? ☮☮☮